Customer Inspiration - Sophie Catney - Rockamilly

Customer Inspiration - Sophie Catney

Sophie first came to us in 2018. Below is her story. A tale of fashion inspiration and growing to love your true self.

I first fell in love with vintage style through quite a strange way. I just naturally felt uncomfortable and when it came to my prom I got a very modern prom dress AFTER TRYING ON BILLIONS. However I just I didn’t fall in love with any of them. I watched a video of Judy Garland in this beautiful red off the shoulder dress and I adored it. I looked online, did a bit of research and found Rockamilly. It was my closest vintage dress shop and the moment I walked in I found this beautiful, red off the shoulder dress. Ever since then I’ve been in love with vintage style. It makes me feel comfortable, confident and absolutely beautiful. Being a young it was very difficult to find my own style and love myself but vintage fashion and styling helped that.

2 years later I’m now 18 and I’ve just finished my second year in visual design. My speciality is vintage design and fashion. I didn't realise that beautiful red dress at Rockamilly has completely change my life but I adore it.

After buying my prom dress, I’ve had many shopping sprees at Rockamilly and have many items that I adore. Since discovering them I’ve looked at different brands too like Collectif, Hell Bunny, etc. After finding a style that I just loved, it helped with my body image issue, something that I struggled with.  These quirky styles also make me feel beautiful, especially when you find a cute skirt or dress, spin and feel like a Disney princess. When it comes to my work in fashion, I adore the idea of showing everyone that you can feel incredible and beautiful in their own style. That being unique and different can actually help with your own mental health. I'm working so hard to work in the vintage fashion industry, the idea of being a part of something that allows you to express your personality and make you even feel accomplished is something to be proud of.

Sophie Catney

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