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Our Pin Up Post comes in 2 levels. An accessories box, filled with accessories for whatever the theme is that month with an original piece of art work designed by our very clever creative team and the 1st class!

We wanted to offer something that other people didn't. The ability to pop together an outfit quickly, without wishing you had all the correct bits and bobs for your theme.

The 1st class contains an in house designed and printed piece of clothing that is exclusive to that box. Octobers theme was Spider Femme Fatale and contained a ghoul gang tee AND tote bag. Our design team work so hard on each box, making sure that all of the items are perfect to go out to you...our loyal lovely customers. 

"The brooch and the gloves are my favourites!"

"OMG you amaze me each month with all the different themes I just love them 😍 I love my little pop of excitement each month when I know its due to come"
"I love that each month I get something new to wear and that it's exclusive!! I feel like we're all in a club!"
Just some of the things our lovely subscribers have to say about our Pin Up Post. 
We've loved seeing the images of you in all of our boxes and seeing how creative you are with your imagery. Septembers box, the Western Wanderer, was a clear picture favourite with you all. 
Damned Frankie utilised her family farm with these incredible images. The tee and neckerchief were both included in Septembers Pin Up Post box. 

"Hi there! I'm Alice and work alongside Emily on Pin Up Post! Here's a little bit about me and my design process!
When it comes to my turn for doing the box artwork, such as the postcards or exclusive 1st Class tees, depending on the theme, the ideas can either come flowing or it might take a little while for something to spring to mind. Either way, I always research! This means, getting deep into Pinterest, reading through magazines or looking through books and getting inspiration from other artists. Once I've got some rough ideas in my head, I'll get to work on producing some mock-ups. Usually, I'll hate them (as I'm my own worst critic!) but there's normally one I can get on board with... Majority of the time though, whilst I'm drawing, a new idea will pop in my brain and I'll end up starting again - but, that's the fun of it! I do all my design work on my beloved Ipad, using Procreate and other platforms with my pencil. Sometimes if I struggle, I'll go back to the trusty sketchpad and doodle. However, once I've decided on an idea and produced a design, I check with Emily to see what she thinks, as it's always super handy to get feedback. If all is well, or if things need changing, I'll crack on to get it finished, so that we can start getting things printed! It's always super exciting when the printing machine works it's magic or the cards arrive! There is something pretty sweet about seeing something you've drawn in print (& I don't think it'll ever get old!)
Alice xo"
Speak soon 

Stacie x

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