Team Rockamilly ♡

Here at Rockamilly, we pride ourselves on the fact we are a small team, yet have a vast variety of passions and skills. The shop and the business is very much built and influenced by the team's personalities as well as the customers we meet. We thought we’d give you an insight of the staff you are greeted with and the team that work behind the scenes! Without further ado...

Customer Service & Operations

2020 - Present
Hi I’m Jo, i’m an avid dress collector, voracious book lover and faintly ridiculous human being. I love a cuppa Tea, Wonderland, Halloween & I believe in fairies. After 20 years In a corporate environment I finally took the plunge to follow my dream and work in vintage inspired fashion, beginning to learn how to make my own clothes in the process. I’ve shopped at Rockamilly for years & always loved the ethos of the company, when I saw they were expanding I couldn’t apply fast enough! I love talking to people and listening to their varied life experiences so customer service has always been a passion of mine, you’ll usually find me at Rockamilly styling the mannequins, excitedly displaying new shoes and fluffing petticoats.
If you have any questions for me or customer service issues you can get me at:
Founder 2015-Present

Well I guess you could say I pull all the strings here at Rockamilly quarters. I oversee all of the operations first off.  My day to day work is usually looking after our lovely franchisees and customers. However, there is no typical day for me, I like to have my finger in every pie and work with each team throughout the week, having an insight in the goings on of everything creative - from graphics to dress design to customer blogs.. I like to see the work in progress!  

If you have any suggestions or questions for me, you can email me directly:


The Creative Team 

2020 - Present
I’m Alice! An avid crafter and coffee lover, originally from South East London. You will find me on the shop floor, assisting the creative team by designing at the counter or packing up your online orders, in between serving customers. I joined Rockamilly back in 2016 when the shop was just starting out in Rochford & after working elsewhere, I decided to take the plunge and come back! When I’m not at the shop, Ill either be spoiling my rescue cat Tilly, sewing up a new outfit or watching the latest true crime documentary! The Rockamilly team are amazing, and I feel very blessed to be apart of such an ambitious, uplifting and empowering bunch of people!

2017 - Present.

I'm Emily, I joined Rockamilly back in 2017, following their move to Leigh on Sea. You may know me from working on the shop floor but nowadays I am in the office working on all things creative. I'm a big lover of the 1940's and 70's style, a crystal collector, horror addict, amateur sewer and part time cowgirl (a girl can dream, aye?)
If you have any creative suggestions for anything from our website, to dress designs, subscription box ideas to imagery, you can reach me on:

2020 - Present

Heya, I'm Callum! about me aye? World explorer, lairy shirt wearer, gin enthusiast and a somewhat dreadful surfer, or here at Rockamilly, the one and only dude in the office. I’ll be upstairs in the office coming up with ridiculous and stupid ideas (some would call it being creative) hoping they will eventually be approved. I was born in Rochford hospital, which weirdly enough is a 5 minute walk from where the old Rockamilly shop used to be, so I’m pretty sure that’s what you call fate, who knows. When I’m not in the office, you will find me chasing sunsets, chilling with friends round open fires or trying new activities which will inevitably see me end up injured. 
If you would like to work with us as an influancer or an affiliate, or you have any other marketing or creative suggestions, you can reach me here:



The PR & Social Media Team 

2015 - Present
Well hello there, I'm Stacie, live video and attention seeker extraordinaire. Known for my love of dressing up, whether that's myself or our customers. I love musicals, changing my hair colour regularly and signing loudly to the radio. I've been at Rockamilly since 2015, knocking on the windows whilst Kirsty was decorating, asking if she needed help. 5 years down the line I'm now the pr and social media queen. I adore seeing your pictures and just how much of an impact Team Rockamilly have had on your confidence and your lives.
If you have any PR or content ideas, want to work with us or appear in a customer inspo blog, you can reach me on: