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Customer Inspiration ~Miss Sweet Black~

I'm Audrey aka Miss Sweetblack and as far back as I remember I've never felt more confident and beautiful as a woman than since I've adopted a vintage style.
In my teenage years I was very insecure about myself and my body and used to hide it under big jeans and baskets. I became a little bit more feminine when I've started my university studies but once again, I didn’t felt comfortable with what fashion was offering me : Low waist and crop tops did not fit my black woman shapes and curves at all!

When the fashion industry isn’t inclusive for ALL bodies it’s very challenging for self esteem because you even think that you’re not normal, that you ARE the problem.
I come from an African and Caribbean family and was born and raised in France so you can imagine that pin-up culture is something I have discover by my own self watching movies and making some research. I've always been fascinated by classic movies, old fashion and everything from the past aesthetic and the 50's era is definitely my favourite because I love the way this time’s clothing shapes
embraced women bodies.
One day, I was watching a TV show where a pin-up, and singer by the way, was talking about her journey as an artist and how the look she adopted has helped her as a retro vocal singer and also as a women, and it really was a revelation for me ; first of all because I haven’t imagine I can find this type of clothing nowadays, and second because she looked so beautiful, I really wanted to dress like her or try it at least.
So I have ordered my first pin-up dress on Ebay just after the end of the show, the same day!

I'm not exaggerating at all when I am telling you that I cried when I wore it for the first time because that dress was telling me "Look at you, you’re beautiful!"
Never ever I've seen myself as gorgeous as I looked in that dress which perfectly fitted me and
embraced my entire body from head to toe, and this is the day when the pin-up inside was born and I
will never come back, it was almost 10 years ago…
In hindsight, I realised that we must never give up in our quest to find out who we really are. It can
be a long road but it’s definitely worth it.

Today, I m a published black pinup, a pin-up retro fashion blogger, I've been crowned Miss Pin-up Paris in 2017 and I collab with vintage inspired brands. So even if I also face racism from some people of the pin-up community I'm living my best life and use my visibility to speak up and denounce it.
Now what are you waiting for to find your way ?

Love Audrey x
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