~Customer Inspiration Tracey G~ - Rockamilly

~Customer Inspiration Tracey G~

"My love for vintage started back in 2012, I left my abusive ex husband who always wanted me to look like a trophy wife... and I did.

I’ve always been a bit out there, I was a goth in my teens so always enjoyed the stares etc I got from people as I thought it was funny but as a mum I didn’t feel it was very mum like. So I bought my first dress and underskirt from Amazon and WOW, my confidence just bloomed. I finally believed I was beautiful in myself. I’ve never thought about myself in that way as I didn’t want to be vain.

I found another dress in a charity shop for a steal at a £5 and that was how my collection grew I started to watch YouTube channels to do vintage hair styles, learned how to do the winged eye look and have more red lip stick than I can shake a stick at. I'm a huge fan of 1950s sunglasses as well and still to this day I wear my lovely dresses and underskirts. It gives me some amount of confidence. I even have a Collectif jacket to wear when the snow starts to come in which I can’t wait to wear. Keeping an eye on the sales though haha. That’s my story... it’s now a part of me and I’m proud of the fact I can be me for once..."

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