Customer Inspirations ~ Georgia Norton - Rockamilly

Customer Inspirations ~ Georgia Norton

I've been so excited to share this one with you. Georgia is a wonderful friend to all of us here at Rockamilly and I'm proud to share her here with you all.
"When I was a child, I knew I was a little different. I didn't like what other girls wore, I loved that my mam dressed me in shorts and Dr Martens, and I always wanted to stand out.
Through my teen years I went through so many phases. Goth, emo, chav, (yes, for a brief moment of thinking I needed to fit in!) scene kid etc. And although I loved being that bit different, I never truly felt 100% until an old school friend showed me Dita Von Teeses' biography and my mind was blown.
I started to dip my toe into the vintage world. I talked to my Nana about her style back in the 40s and 50s, and she said she loved dresses and skirts that would flow, so when she jived it would jive with her! She taught me how to tie a head scarf, and I would watch as my mam would put her rollers in to set her hair. I learned so much from her.
My obsession became more of a lifestyle, after I left drama school. Drama school stripped me of my identity and I left not really knowing who I was. I met my husband in 2016, and he loved vintage style, it wasn't his style as such but we began to enjoying buying vintage items for our home, and outfits for nights out. I began to pick up more hair tips and learn more and more about the style. I collected books read about Bettie Page, Gypsy Rose Lee, Dita, Peggy Lee, and burlesque.
I made my burlesque debut to a sold out audience at the hall for Cornwall about 6 years ago and have adored performing it ever since. It was an extension of my self and Miss Whiskey Twist, became my single, sexual alter ego who embraced nudity, sexuality, passion and indulged in the art of tease. It was more than just work for me, I studied it to ensure that my ideas were thoughtful, my skill was up to date and took classes when I could to embrace the burlesque and cabaret scene rather than insulting it with just being another good performer.
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I lived in Leigh on Sea for two years when I noticed a new store had opened. It was pink, glittery and packed with vintage inspired clothes! Twas heaven! I remember asking if I could loan some clothes for a fashion shoot I was doing, and began to talk to Kirsty. I then went back a few weeks later as I was competing for Miss Pin Up UK and needed accessories to complete my look.
I was Miss Pin Up UK 2017, and it was quite possibly one of the proudest moments of my life. I'd achieved something for myself, but more than that I was surrounded by empowering and wonderful women some who I still speak to today!
I took a step away from the pin up scene a bit after that. Not for any particular reason, but I was on the road and couldn't keep up with the style whilst travelling each weekend! Also, I felt like it started to become more about followers and likes rather than the true passion and love for the art form. It became saturated for the gram. I still indulge every now and then. Its a piece of my heart puzzle. My house is still inspired by vintage, my bookcase is packed with incredible books on pin up, artists, lingerie, people and I still rock a red lipstick!
I'm thankful for pin up, its brought me so many wonderful opportunities and I've met some incredible people, such as the gorge girls from Rockamilly, and I can't wait to pop in and see them from a safe distance soon!
Love Georgia x"
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