February...SEE YA! - Rockamilly

February...SEE YA!

Now some might have said it has dragged but in all honesty I feel like its flown by again! 
That could be down to it being the shortest month of the year or the sheer amount of information that's been launched at us all this year. 

However for Rockamilly, we've had even more product launches and loads of new stock arrive from lots of fantastic brands. 

New Season Irregular Choice
New collections from Erstwilder ❤ 
New items from Cakeworthy
New Items from Loungefly
New Wintersheart brooches! ❤
New Ruby Shoo
New Hot Chocolate


We had even more Irregular Choice exclusives!!!! 
This month we treated you to 2 new shoes!!! Lazy Rivers and Fancy That returned again but in glittered form! We created Lazy Rivers in mauve and Fancy That in ocean blue! It seems as though so far the ocean blue has been your favourite! 

Then we thought...time to launch some exclusive bags too! 

First off we had Cat Call! So soft! Unbelievably soft!! Potentially the softest thing I've ever touched. I want blankets and clothing made of this fabric. It's just TOO SOFT!!! It's also a beautiful bag, with pink eyes and gold accents! She's sassy, fierce and takes no trash talk from any body!!! You all loved her too. We weren't particularly surprised! How could you not!!! 

And then...AND THEN!!!! The bag so many of you were desperately in search of. The holy grail of bags for some of you...


I was so excited to tell so many of you that this had been released. We'd had it in the pipeline for AGES! We'd known about it forever and it was just time to let it drop!!! We don't tend to do teasers or anything like that so the best way to find out about our exclusives is by signing up to our news letter. Then you'll be the ones to find out before it goes on socials etc. 

Then, on the 22nd the amazing news came that as long as we kept doing what we're supposed to, as long as we didn't lose our minds, that on the 12th of April the shop would be open again and we'd be able to start trading in person!!! HOORAY!!!! 

We know it feels a long way off but we have ALL (and I mean each an every one of you too) worked so hard to get to this point. The winter isn't over yet but the sun has started to shine. Both literally and metaphorically. We're excited. Cautious but excited!!! 

So considering February is the shortest of the months, we think we've crammed quite a bit in to it. 

Speak to you soon. 

Stacie xx

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