🎄We've been Grinched!! - Rockamilly

🎄We've been Grinched!!

Another double launch week this week. 
Peanuts came first, a personal love of mine because I played Snoopy in an amateur production of 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown'. I grew up around Snoopy and the gang and I was so excited to see so many of their happy little faces in resin. :D It was a very successful launch with lots of brooches and necklaces taking flight from Rockamilly. Unlike Charlie Browns kite!!


Then. THEN!!! The finale to 2020 launches!!! The GRAND FINALE one might say. 

The Grinch

We knew this was going to big. HUGE. ABSOLUTELY MONUMENTAL! 
We think this was one of our favourite collections and we say it EVERY time but we really mean it this time. 
Every shoe was true to size. When has that ever happened. It made shopping so much easier. 
We all got into the festive spirit and didn't let Mr Grinch take that from us. Kirsty, Emily and myself dressed as residents of Whoville. Jo was sporting her new skirt from this months Pin Up Post. ❤ Callum dug out the crimbo jumper, with Santa hat wearing dinos! 
Since becoming a team of 6, the 3 office folk tend to have very little to do with launches any more. However yesterday was wonderful. 5 of us came together to do live videos, wrap, pick, reply to emails and comments. 

We sold out in some styles within 45 minutes!! Our fastest shoe sell out in a while. We totally underestimated how much you were all going to love Naughty or Nice and Rebel With a Cause. We can understand why you loved them all so much. 
We need to talk about the Dr Suess bag though don't we? My oh my! Wasn't it huge? I joked in my live that you could fit a small child in there but I'm not sure it's much a joke haha. 

And so after a near on sell out of tights, purses, bags and shoes, the 5 of us retired to our homes, reflected on how lucky we all are to have such a strong and like minded team and dreamt up all the craziness for next years amazing set of launches!! 

One again, thank you to everyone who has supported us, through these huge launch days and all of those days in between. We wouldn't be here without you. 

Speak soon
With love 

Stacie x

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