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Customer Inspiration - Miss Trixie Holiday

This weeks Customer Inspiration comes from the beautiful Miss Trixie Holiday. A beautiful vintage style jazz/wartime singer and glamour enthusiast. 

I have always been obsessed with vintage fashion and movies. I loved the femininity of it, and then idea of creating a look that you find beautiful. 

I first started to dabble in vintage fashion as a teenager, and like many people have experienced, the high school students around me liked to tease because of it. 
This made me shy away from dressing how I wanted to begin with. However, I then realised that it made me feel extra confident and beautiful when I wore these outfits. The way they fit me, the way they moved. I loved them. I admit, I really struggled with people's stares. Perhaps they too loved this fashion and weren't judging me but I couldn't see that then. With the help of my my husband's brilliant mantra 'Would Dita care?' I soon didn't care either and now I love making as much of a statement as possible. 
My vintage style gave extra confidence on stage and allowed me to express myself.

I would maybe say, a memory that really comes to mind is one of my very first events, for a ladies 90th Birthday. She and her friends were all so very excited to see my outfit and went on to discuss with me the petticoats I wore compared to the crinoline they wore when they were younger. They were even happier when they discovered I set my hair like they used to. 

One of the gents mentioned the seams on my stockings and was just so excited to see them. He remarked that they reminded him of when his wife was younger and wore the same. It was so lovely to see their joy and made me really smile and take in just how much happiness this 'new vintage' fashion brings to so many. 
It's so easy to get wrapped up in every day fashion styles and other peoples thoughts on how you choose to be different. I think it's about accepting the journey, no matter what that journey may have been and realising that if I'm happy, I shouldn't care what anyone else thinks. I love flamboyancy and being loud in the way I dress. Life is too short for boring clothes.


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