Customer Inspirations - Chelsi Sheils - Rockamilly

Customer Inspirations - Chelsi Sheils

You'll recognise Chelsi, people think she works with us. She doesn't haha. She's an honorary team member though. We'd be lost without her fantastic smile, crazy charisma and helpful nature. Here's what Chelsi had to say. 

"My love of vintage started when I was about 15, at school and figuring out what to make for my textiles GCSE task. I made a polka dot, 50s inspired halter neck dress and I loved it with all my heart. I never had the confidence to wear it though. I wish I had known then, that nearly 15 years later I'd be frolicking about wearing dresses just like that one.

Roll on a few years down the line, I had fallen out of love with clothes. Nothing seemed to work for 'me' and I wasn't happy with the things I had. I had always loved the vintage style, never being brave enough to try it out for myself.

When I discovered Rockamilly. Oh wow!!!!
These girls were exactly the people I needed in my life. They pulled out dresses and styles that I'd never ever dream of trying on. Fitted, tight wiggle dresses? Long floor length ball gowns? I thought they were crazy, I'm 5ft 3, these were not dresses that were going to look right on my shape. I was so wrong. In fact the shape I'd been trying to desperately to hide away was actually the shape I've come to adore. I Love wearing wiggle dresses now. I've got these goddess given curves (Stacie's exact words) and I have been given the tools to flaunt them where I see fit.

Not only have these ladies taught me self confidence and how to express myself through these gorgeous clothes, but they have become some of my closest friends. Their lust for confident and sassy women has most certainly rubbed off on me.
I can honestly say I’ve fallen in love with clothes again, gained heaps of confidence and adore my wardrobe. Even when I've been told to be 'less fancy dress' and 'tone myself down', I've now got the confidence in myself to realise these are reflections on other peoples insecurities and inability to see past their own fashion choices. I'm a veterinary nurse, I adore my job, being around cute fluffy (and not so fluffy) animals. Being able to give help and support to people when their little fur babies might not be in the best way gives me such an amazing sense of gratitude and is really fulfilling. Whilst I love my job there isn't much movement to express my love for vintage style. Wiggle dresses and catheter lines just don't mix folks.
By day I wear scrubs and by night (and the weekends) I get to live my vintage style life. 
Love Chelsi xx"

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