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3 Launches, 1 Week

We are seasoned here at Rockamilly when it comes to launches. 
SEASONED I TELL YOU!!! But nothing could have prepped us for 3 major product launches in 1 week. 😲

Let's take it back to the start (Coldplay reference there, if you got it, congratulations).

Launch 1!

Tuesday, 6am. Erstwilder collaboration with Pete Cromer. Ordinarily we wouldn't have an issue. You lovely bunch adore your brooches, necklaces, earrings etc. We knew it was going to be busy and we were prepped. Label machine was ready, kettle was on, coffee had been made. However, we had no products. The postal system are working over drive but we've got absolutely zero control when it comes to their travel from Aus to Leigh. They were supposed to be with us the week before, they had been PROMISED for Tuesday. Tuesday came and it wasn't there. We were so worried, we would have hated to have let you all down and we obviously worried that it had gone too far on its magical mystery tour!!! Thankfully, bright and early, at almost the crack of dawn, those cute, Australian bits and bobs strolled in to the store after being half way around the world and then taken an extra tour of the UK. We had never ever been so grateful. So we wrapped everything up and got it sent out. We were happy and content. We sat back and remembered....AHHHHHH!!!!

Launch 2!

In all of the rush, worry and packing we had forgotten, we had completely lost track of the days. Irregular Choice were dropping their iconic baubles on us. Thursday at 12. Then they were dropping their unreal and amazing Christmas Shoes on us at 12pm Friday!! 
Someone pass the gin. 
Thankfully there was no worry where the stock was, it had arrived already, we just put it to the back of our minds whilst Erstwilder took front of stage. 
We wanted to take some cute images that we knew we'd probably never use because you people also love a bauble too and we knew they'd sell out. They did. They came and went within 12 hrs. And I was right, we didn't need to use the cute pics that Alice had taken. 

Launch 3! 

What we thought would be the big one but actually was the chillest and smoothest of them all. Singing shoes, everything seemed to light up, Santa's everywhere. Cute little bags and purses, tights with candy canes and nutcrackers!!! 
I love to be on the website in the little window between 12pm and when I go live to show things off to you. It's so fun to see all the little dots pop up from all over the works and then watch them change colour when you purchase. It's so satisfying to watch. 
Then it's time to go live and show you all the things we love. We didn't order the complete collection. We just ordered what we thought was prettiest and we were correct!! The Nutcracker heels that sing!! THEY SING!! In fact that's what I said for 2 days straight. OMG THEY SING!! 

We got as many of your orders out before the post man came and collected them and hopefully some of you will have received your items by the time this blog is live!!! 

And so this is why we drink. Haha. 
3 HUGE product launches, 2 of those products I didn't even see in person. That's how quickly they sold. 
We wouldn't change it for the world but all 6 of us are very happy it's the weekend. 😜

Speak soon. 
With Love 

Stacie x

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