It's the end...of 2021! See ya! - Rockamilly

It's the end...of 2021! See ya!

You know what? Last year, I made this huge deal that 2021 was going to be this huge improvement, that 2020 couldn't be matched and we'll all be laughing at this time because it'll all seem like a distant memory. Hardy-har-har! 

Well I was a little bit wrong and a little bit right. 2021 indeed gave us some memories here at Rockamilly. We had an all change moment and got two new team members (oh hey there ladies). We started a podcast and brought new brands on board like Unique Vintage and Loungefly.
Oh yeah and we spend the first quarter closed. That was fun 😂

We've grown so much in 12 months (again) and as always I'd like to take the time to thank you all for such amazing support. You pulled up those boot straps and came to the rescue time and time again. It can't have been easy for you either. We know a lot of you have been poorly, have lost loved ones, had events cancelled and unfortunately found yourselves in predicaments you couldn't have foreseen. We know this because you really are so much more than customers. The relationships we've built with you are second to none. Callum and myself use our live videos on Facebook as a kind of therapy. Which you've all invested in with much delight it seems, haha. Yes our intention is to show you products and what not but the chit chat with you all really does make our day. You've all been such a constant in an inconsistent world.

Of course it wouldn't be right to leave out our two new members of staff. Em and Alice left for exciting new projects this year and we gained Jemima and Chiana. These two amazing ladies will be your new weekend team and you can be sure they'll be delivering the same knowledgeable and chaotic Rockamilly that you're used to. We're very excited to see these two flourish and bring their exuberance to the shop floor. 

Rockamilly Rambling was launched. If you didn't get enough of Callum and I in those live videos, we're now taking up space in your ears too. We've successfully recorded 13 episodes so far, covering all manner of things. We were nervous that, as customers, you wouldn't be interested in hearing the ramblings of the two attention seekers but here you all are, sharing your stories, your ideas and your thoughts. We are so proud of our podcast, we can't wait to record more in the new year. 

As always, we couldn't have done 2021 without you and we wanted to let you all know how grateful we are. We really do love you. We talk about so many of you on the regular. Whether its Deborah and David Stump in the comments of the Erstwilder posts, deciding which brooches are making it to their home, Sarah Matthews sharing all of those incredible images she spends so long taking or Sandi Morris sending us little care packages and enjoying all of the silliness we have to offer. We've spent this year admiring you all and we think you ought to know. 

For now, see ya later 2021...2022, enter stage left.

Love Stacie x

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