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Funko Pop has arrived at Rockamilly!!!!

For anyone who doesn't already realise, we are suckers for pop culture here at Rockamilly. 
Whether that's in the form of films, music, cult figures or just current affairs that have become household things. 
So when the opportunity arose to start stocking Pops from Funko, we had to jump in and get involved. We are already a registered supplier of Loungefly and we know that if there's one thing that works and looks cute with a little Loungefly bag, it's a cute Pop. 
We sat and trawled through lists upon lists of Pops. In all honesty we wanted them all but we only have this one shop and we couldn't hold everything we'd loved. 
However, we did get 24 styles that we love, including GIANTS and keyrings!!! We've even got The Nightmare Before Christmas Funkoverse board game!! 
One of my personal favourites however is the giant, glow in the dark Ursula!!! Not just casual Ursula though, oh no this is, stole the trident, coming for your man before you impale me with the mast of a ship, Ursula!! Yup, you read that correctly. She glows in the dark!!!!! Of course she does, she's a sea witch!! 

We've got so many exciting pre-orders coming, which obviously I can't give away just yet but along with many new Loungefly designs we know you're going to lose your minds when you see them!! Just in time for Christmas. 
You can find our Funko collection here!!!

And with that let me leave you with this badass! 


Speak soon 
Stacie xx

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