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Lockdown 2: Revenge of the 2 meter rule!!

We're here again. It's day 4 of the new lockdown (I'm actually writing this on day 1 though sooooo lets hope nothing too dramatic happens in the next few days eh?).

We understand it, we really really do and we know we've all got a responsibility to keep people safe. However, locking those doors on Wednesday night was far from fun. We'd had a productive day, we'd made silly instagram videos and messed about in the stories. We'd chit chatted about products and ideas for Lockdown 2.0 tees. But ultimately that solemn feeling loomed over us all. 
It's a bit worrying when you're about to start the biggest season on the retail calendar and you can't let anyone into your shop. You can't try things on and lets be honest, buying fancy shoes for the zoom quiz doesn't feel the same does it? 

But you should do it anyway. Getting dressed up, even just to show the cat you look flames, will help you feel a bit better. Trying on your sparkly shoes and having an at home photoshoot will make you feel better. Have a weird family fancy dress competition, with just one theme (green?) and see who's the most inventive.

Perhaps you're thinking 'Stace, I'm okay with all this, I'm so ready for snuggly blankets and Netflix.' In all honesty, I'm writing this from home in a snuggly blanket and listening to the radio. It's not all bad. Although to be fair if I turned up to the office in a blanket no one would bat an eyelid 🤣. However you're planning to spend the next 4 weeks (Please please only 4 weeks...please??!!??) don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We're all just trying to do what we can. 

What I will add though, that'll make a huge difference to millions is this. When you start looking at Christmas gifts, check your local retailers first. Look at your independent stockists. Reach out to your maker friends and see what they are offering. Totally Locally recently shared that if you spend £5 a week with local retailers, that would put £4.4 million back into the local economy. Imagine the opportunities we'd have with that kind of dolla behind us all. 🥳

Your local retailers remember things about you that big businesses just can't. I probably sound like a broken record but I take pride in my customer base knowledge. How one lady is scared of birds, I'll never recommend aviarian anything! Another lady has an ongoing injury in her knee and so when shoes arrive that I know will be ideal for her, I let her know immediately. 
I know that the super fast delivery of prime is convenient and we've all used them. It's just this year, the little people like us really need your support. 
So my plea I suppose is this. Try your locals first. Shop your indies first. We can't always compete with Amazon and the like but we'll sure as hell put everything we can into your order. We'll pack it with love 🥰 
I know in our office we literally give a little whoop whoop when a new order comes in. 
Stay safe throughout all of this. We love you and can't wait to see you in store soon. 
Shop Local. Support Your High Street. Save Small Businesses. 

Love Stacie xx


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