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March March Marching along...

Now I'm not sure about you but March has flown by. I think we've all be so excited to work through this road map that we've been focusing on the months ahead. We've had more launches, Erstwilder threw Pete Cromer at us and then...AND THEN...bags and purses. That was a sneaky move from them if I do say so myself!!! We've still got limited stock of both collections though, so make sure you don't miss out on those!!! As we know, with Erstwilder they don't repeat the same designs in the same colourways. Which personally I love.

We've been getting ready to open to you all. We're so excited to see your smiley faces (although most of you will probably have those smiles hidden beneath a mask but we'll assume you're happy to see us). We've had a move around, we've ditched some stuff, we've got some new brands and for the first time we'll have Cakeworthy IN STORE!!! WHEYHEY!!! If you don't know much about Cakeworthy, they are a brand from across the pond. Well Canada, do we still say across the pond when it's Canada? We do now. They have fully licenced apparel that includes well loved brands such as Disney, Harry Potter and The Golden Girls. We originally started them as online only but we thought it'd be nice to pop it in our windows and let the people of Leigh see this beautiful brand up close.

Then, we ended the month with a bang. The bang of ALL BANGS!! PEGASUS BANJOES!!! Get out of town I hear you cry. They've been a near on sell out! We haven't seen a frenzy like it for so long and in all honesty it made my heart swell 3 sizes watching you all get a bit giddy and happy over one of our brain children!! So let me tell you more. They've got purple heels, not purple...lilac. In glitter. They've got a rich purple bow with a purple metallic trim and they have amazing, majestic, beautiful Pegsus' and Unicorns.

We have such minimal sizes of these little quirky Pegasus shoes. Some sizes have completely sold out so don't delay. You'll be so sad if that happens. 

So with that, we're heading into April. Full steam ahead, all hands on, sanitising, and planning the next big thing. 
We're looking forward to lighter days, longer brighter evenings and most certainly seeing your happy little faces stroll through that big pink door. 

Speak soon. 
Stacie xx

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