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So, we've got 4 more weeks...

Lets call it prep time shall we? We've got an extra 4 weeks to find the dress, the shoes, sort those little jobs we wanted to sort. Lets call it a bumper. Like when your annual leave is finally over and you're a bit like...damn I wish I'd booked off the day after coming back. 🤣
So we've got you covered...

We've had a stock boom these last 6 weeks!! SO.MANY.BRANDS! SO.MANY.DRESSES! SO.MANY.CUTE.OUTFITS! 

We've welcomed Unique Vintage to the store, which we've been so excited about! When Kirsty showed me the first batch she'd ordered in I couldn't believe that we were finally getting what I've been craving for so long! PRINT!!! Not florals, not polka dots. Not birds....PRINT!! Real life prints, with Care Bears, Wizards, Rainbows!!! Then this week that killer Cruella vibing dress dropped in and people, let me tell you little heart burst from my chest, grew three sizes and exploded all over the bloody thing!! It's killer! Absolutely KILLER!! Honestly, I can't wait for the customer pictures to come flooding in so I can showcase how babelike you will all look in this dress 😻

Cakeworthy has of course thrust new garments our way and it'd be rude not to wear them all and tell you that they are true to size, comfortable and once you wear them you'll never want to remove them. Just facts I'm afraid.  

Other brands to pop themselves into Rockamilly are Rainbows and Fairies. They give Hot Chocolate a little run for their money and Koi Footwear. Now Em and I have been buying from Koi for so long. They are a vegan brand, which is how we like our brands. We'd been asked so many times to stock them, so we thought, lets give them a whirl! I honestly believe Koi deliver something for everybody! Whether you love a Mary-Jane or you use to wear Nu-rock boots and want a downsized, slightly less buckly, stabby version...Koi know. They just know. So they've made shoes for all the alternatives.

You seem to have loved all of our new brands and we can assure you there are more on the horizon. We're just waiting for the post man to drop them on by. 

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