Ta ta 2022...catch ya never! ❤️ - Rockamilly

Ta ta 2022...catch ya never! ❤️

Isn't it peculiar? This year has gone so quickly but it feels as though it's gone on forever too! 
Another year of changes here at Rockamilly. The boss lady went off to live her best life in Wales, Callum went to be a globetrotter and Chiana is living her best life in London. 

We did gain new teamies though. The Shakespeare loving, library stalking, coffee drinking Niamh and our fantastically funny Caitlin. 🥳

2022 has been a peculiar one though hasn't it? We thought we'd battled the worst of it in 2020 and again in 2021 but it seemed that this year had a few tricks up its sleeve too. We've gotten to the end though, we're still standing. Frazzled and burnt, with steam coming out of our ears and the ends of our whiskers still on fire but we're on our feet!! 

There were amazing things that happened this year too!! We were a headline stage sponsor!! We sponsored the main stage for Leigh Folk Fest! Such a prestigious event for locals! We managed to catch a few acts ourselves, including the comedy festival! Oh my!! We've never laughed so much! 

Of course you've all played such a part in another wonderful year and your support never goes unnoticed. We know we wouldn't be here without you all and of course everything we do, whether that's silly reels or cute little notes on your packing slips is to make you smile on days that might not be full of sunshine.

Heading into 2023 we'd like to say this...
Support small businesses and your local high streets where you can. Protect your boundaries and stand firm, you're a tough cookie, you got this! Love fiercely and know that everything you want is achievable. You're amazing. We love you! 

With love as always, 
Team Rockamilly xx 

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