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😲❄Tier we go again then...

Well...here we are. Essex just became founding members of the Tier 4 Club. 
We're hoping it's rather exclusive and that there won't be any other member applications in the coming months. In fact we don't want our own membership to last that long. 
We're not surprised in all honesty. Which makes us a sad. 
We have loved being open for all of a few weeks and it's been wonderful seeing all of your smiley faces. 
We know that this Christmas is going to be a tough one for some of you. We know that it'll be hard not seeing loved ones, or being separated from people that you usually get to celebrate with. 
But it doesn't mean that we can't bounce back and be as fabulous as we always are. 
I urge you...please...dress up, Glitz and glam. It might just be you and the cat. You might have a family of 5. But please please please...do all those special things you had planned on doing because you deserve to do them for you!! 

We're starting our sale early and with the code CHRISTMASTREAT you can get an extra  20% off of our sale price. WHEYYYY!!! We just wanted to offer you a little something to keep you smiling. Yes the add to cart meme is hilarious but we all feel it don't we? Pretty brooch that reminds us of Mum. The shoes you love cos life is too short. The dress because lockdown has given you the blessing of a fuller bust and hips and those curves need hugging. We just think it's time to say 'well done me for hitting plot twist 3578 and not losing it." 

In short, we're looking forward to opening again. We're hoping that you all come through again and help keep us going when we want to cry into the gin or mince pies. Most importantly though we want you all to know this...
2020 has shown us that our customers loyalty is second to none. We would never ever be able to continue without your continued love and support. We're so grateful. Grateful doesn't do it. It just just doesn't show you the gratitude we have. 
We'll throw a party when we can and you're all invited. 
But for now...lets keep on keeping on. 
Speak soon 
With love 
Stacie xx

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