🎃We trudged through the pumpkin patch!!!!🎃 - Rockamilly

🎃We trudged through the pumpkin patch!!!!🎃

Hey lovely spooky people!! 

So a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of being invited to Marsh Farm to visit their Pumpkin Picking Village!!! 
We're all lovers of Halloween and the autumnal seasons, so Callum, Alice and I packed up the car with stock and ventured to see what it was all about!


We had such a warm welcome from director Aaron, who had pulled put all the stops and made our visit spooktacular. 
We had new Pin Up Wannabe stock that we wanted to get pictures of and the pumpkin backdrop was perfect! There was every type of scenario, every type of pumpkin and we spent 2 hours getting excited with props, carts, little teepees and even pitchforks!! 
We found their imagination when it came to creating their pumpkin patch was incredible. A giant Cinderella pumpkin was the clear focal point and we enjoyed 'emerging' from it in fierce fashion!! 

We ate (black burger buns!!! AHHHH) and drank Pumpkin Spiced Lattes because that's the rules. Obviously. 
We were so grateful to Marsh Farm and The Pumpkin Village for allowing us to visit and we're so excited to go back for their Christmas festival!!! 

Love Stacie x

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