Years End - Bring on 2019! - Rockamilly

Years End - Bring on 2019!

Ladies and gents,
As 2018 finally closes and 2019 makes its entrance, we wanted to take some time to reflect on what a roller coaster year we've had.
We've welcomed new faces and said goodbye to old friends. We have new brands on board such as Erst wilder and Ruby Shoo.
We got to work with the fashion god that is Gok Wan. We met lots of lovely people whilst we were working there and made some wonderful new friends.
We had our first birthday here in Leigh on sea and the gorgeous Miss Whiskey Twist graced us with her exceptional talent.
The irregular choice Toy Story launch was by far our favourite launch this season. We went To infinity and beyond that day!
We moved the shop around a little, gave it a make over, upped our selfie game and gave everyone something to talk about come Leigh lights, when we took to the windows to show Leigh what Rockamilly was all about.
We've enjoyed so much about 2018. There's so much lined up for 2019 already and we're not even there yet.
Whatever it is you're doing this year, we hope you have an amazing night saying goodbye and then hello.
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