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You're Never Too Old...

Its just a short one from me today.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I get sad. A few things can make me sad. Romantic comedies with the wrong endings, shoes that aren't in my size, being told no etc...although what really makes my heart hurt is when I hear 'Id love to wear these things. I'm too old now though.'

Says who? Honestly ladies you are NEVER too old to feel fabulous. I promise you I've never ever looked at a customer and thought they look too old. I always think 'Gosh. She's beautiful.'

Older ladies, your generation GAVE us this. You showed us how waspies cinched our waists. How seamed stockings elongated our legs.  We have an entire movement in fashion because of you. How dare anyone make you feel you can't reclaim it once again for yourselves. Women come and tell me of their petticoats soaked in sugar water to make them stiff and stick out. They are amazed when I show them how soft our petticoats are now. How they no longer scratch your legs and that you can sit down and not expose yourself. I promise if you felt on top of the world then, you'll feel on top of the world now. New materials. Braver and bolder than anything you found then.

Put that dress on. Remember how you felt at your first dance? How you and your girlfriends danced together? Perhaps you met your husband that night? Perhaps you were celebrating the end of the war? You have every right to wear those dresses again and feel the freedom and elation you felt then.

Stacie xx

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