❤🤍CAT IN THE HAT🤍❤ - Rockamilly


So a little bit of sizing advice on the new Irregular Choice Dr Seuss collab!!! 
I found that most of the shoes are true to size and comfortably.
I know, it's rare isn't it!! YAY! 

HOWEVER...Thing 1 and Thing 2 come up snug. Whilst my usual 40 fit, my toes were cramped and I wouldn't have been able to walk in them. 
So I recommend that for this style, size up and if there's a little bit of slippage, then pop and insole in there. 

All round those it's a really comfortable collection that for the first time contains SLIPPERS!!! 
How cute and comfy!! 

The goldfish bowl heels are such a statement and of course we're head over heels for the iconic hat heel!!! 

We hope you manage to get whatever you wanted and thank you so much for shopping with Rockamilly. 
Stacie x

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