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Posing Tips and Tricks for Beginners.

Hello you beautiful people,

We get asked frequently, how can I maximise my content. Posing isn't something comes naturally to us all. Here we have compiled a few tips and tricks. 

  1. When trying to create an hourglass figure, rather than placing your hands on your natural waist, try placing them beneath your bust and bring them inward. This will create the illusion of a more dramatic hourglass shape. Try 'popping' your hip to create accentuated curves. If you've got them, lets see them. If you don't, then lets create them. You'll feel like the Paul Daniels of photography when you see the difference it makes.  
  2. In full length pictures, imagine you are wearing heels and stand slightly on tip toe. This will elongate your legs and create clean lines. Standing straight with feet on the ground creates and L shaped angle and cuts flow.  
  3. Experiment with how you stand. Emily likes to put a foot in front slightly to create more depth in her positioning. I like to cross my feet and bring the lower half of my body into a point. 
  4. Don't cut your limbs off. If your arm is extended make sure your whole arm and hand are in the photograph. Else your arm extends outside the frame of the photograph and isn't aesthetically pleasing. The mind imagines you as a pin up version of Mr Tickle. Framing your entire body is important, it's kinder on the eye. 
  5. Make sure your backgrounds are clear. If you're taking a cheeky mirror selfie, make sure your background is tidy. Even if that means shoving everything to the sides. Whilst your coffee cup is hilarious and we love that dress hanging up behind you, if it's in view of the camera, it's detracting from you and your amazing outfit. 
  6. Lastly...confidence is key. Even if it's fake confidence. If you feel amazing then go out there and document it. 

We love to see your pictures and we can't wait to see you pop all of those into practice. 
You can watch me deliver all of these tips on our brand new sparkly Youtube channel. 
With Love 
Stacie 👄

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