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We've made it to the end of January!

January, it's normally the roughest toughest month of the year. Usually it has 345 days and each of those days seems to have 48 hours. 
However we've found that January was a rather good month for us. 

As a team, when we came back into the office, it was lovely to see one another and talk about what we'd been up to over Christmas (not a lot haha). 
Now last year we said 2020 was going to be Rockamilly's year and to be honest we weren't wrong. We hired 3 new team members, created an office, brought on board new brands, redecorated the shop and most importantly of all, with the support of you lovely lot, we managed to have our most successful year to date. That is not something we thought would happen in March but here we are. 

This month we have welcomed back Danielle Nicole and Hot Chocolate. Hooray!!! We love these brands, in fact we love anything that's a bit quirky and a bit unusual. They tick those boxes. My favourite bag from the Danielle Nicole range we received has got to be the Oogie Boogie Cupcake. He's so under rated in The Nightmare Before Christmas, when he's such a sassy bad ass!!! 


The creative team worked hard on Januarys Pin Up Post. January was themed Positivi-tea and lord knows we all needed a bit of that. Emily and Alice worked tirelessly to make sure that it was absolutely perfect. They even gave the PUP it's own Instagram because in all honesty it has so much fabulous content, it deserves a platform all on it's own. You can read the blog Alice wrote here and it'll give you all the details you'll need to subscribe for the rest of this years boxes. 


Erstwilder dropped their first launch of the year. A Floral Affair. What an affair it was. Just what January needed in my opinion. A flourish of colour and blooming hope. It felt ever so slightly poetic that one of the pieces carried the name 'Fortune Teller'. Something we all crave at the moment I think. We've still got some pieces in stock so if you're reading this and thinking 'I absolutely need a little floral pick me up' then look no further. We're eagerly awaiting Erstwilders next drop. Eeeek!

We joined Tiktok! Right?! Crazy. Don't worry, we won't have Team Rockamilly dancing to Blinded by the Light just yet but we can't rule out Sea Shantys and thirst traps just yet haha. You can find us on Tiktok by searching Rockamilly. Simple as that. 

Then, to finish the month and go our with a bang, we dropped TWO exclusive Irregular Choice shoes. Purple Fancy That  and Pink Lazy Rivers. Both are caked in sequins. Not just any old sequins. Flipped sequins!!!! Fancy that flip from purple to black (Ursula eat your heart out) and Lazy Rivers flip from pink to blue (oi oi Aurora, we got a shoe for you girl!). We're so incredibly proud of them. We love all of our exclusives (obviously) but those purple Fancy That mayyyyyy just be my new favourites.


And so with the news of a new national lockdown looming over us all, I won't lie and say we didn't feel that same worry we felt in March. However, strong as ever you wonderful folk have come through for us. Supporting us in any way you can. Every like, share, reaction, interaction, purchase. They all make such a huge difference to a small business like ours. Every time we ask for your support you step it up 10 fold. We couldn't ask for a better base of customers, family and friends. I know I speak for every member of Team Rockamilly when I say, we value and love each and every one of you. You made 2020 a year that we will always be grateful for in amongst the darkness and gave us the opportunity to expand. So we're excited to grow, be better and deliver more happy parcels to you all in 2021. 


Speak soon. 

Love Stacie x

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