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Pegasus Bag 🌟 Rockamilly Exclusive 🌟

Pegasus Bag 🌟 Rockamilly Exclusive 🌟

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When we said, "God please bless us with a heavenly bag?" we never expected that god to be Zeus!! Yet Zeus said "Well, let's see here. We'll take Hmm, yes. A little cirrus and, uh, hmm, a touch of nimbostratus and a dash of cumulus. His name is Pegasus and he's all yours"

Made with god like canvas and with glitter that'll make Aphrodite herself fall head over heels in love, you can take home your very own Pegasus bag today. ❤


Please note that the pattern placement on these shoes will vary from bag to bag, so each will have a unique set of Pegasus'. We have however altered the print slightly so you'll get more pony for your pound!

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